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Stash 67 drops 108 monstrous minutes of visual inspiration and Behind the Scenes goodies directly into your head and then adds 11 MP3s from Just Friends Records – just for fun.

Your adventure begins in Germany as we open this issue with three stunning automotive clips: Elastique and Deine Freunde reveal the sleek and sensual side of Mercedes; Radium and Reel FX conjure ringed romance with their spectacular Audi spec; while Asylum bust out a spectrum of VFX techniques to fuel 60 years of Porsche classics.

Glassworks in London teams with star creature designer Wayne Barlowe to create a little sci-fi for Guinness before Wieden + Kennedy and The Mill switch the mood with their hilarious take for Old Spice. Psyop is back with cute and minimal characters for Nurofen, Superfad squeezes every known animation style and VFX trick plus Shakira into the new SEAT spot, and then the Mothership lands with seven show-stopping launch films from directors Brent Bonacorso, Nathan Love, David Rosenbaum, Andres Rosas Hott, Sil van der Woerd and Pierre Michel.

ZOIC slams open the broadcast design and title section with visceral Nascar action for ESPN, Lithuainian director Rimantas Lukavicius and Korb bring the surreal power of music down to earth for MTVHD, Lisbon’s Captive channel a retro 007 vibe for the “To Russia with Love” exhibit, Tactic in Sydney ramp up the fun for the new ABC3 children’s channel with a pop-vox treatment, and Dutch studio Soulbase let loose with their maniacal Data DJ for FITC Amsterdam.

Music videos are here of course: The first is a jaw-dropper by Swedish master Jonas Odell for The Hours “Ali in the Jungle” followed by mesmerizing stop motion work for Nobody Beats the Drum by Amsterdam director Rogier van der Zwaag.

Stash 67 also gives you insightful Behind the Scenes features on Audi “Beauty in Engineering” from Radium and Reel FX, “Porsche Panamera” from Asylum, Guinness “Area 22” from Glassworks, SEAT “Good Stuff” from Superfad, Nobody Beats the Drum “Grindin’” from 100% Halal, Absolut Vodka Loops from Important Looking Pirates, and Sushiexpress from Remi Larroque and Vincent Cubells.

The seven Bonus Films on Stash 67 demonstrate the incredible breadth of experimentation thriving across the animation world. Make sure to watch “Bras D’or Lakes” by Juila Deakin, “Was Ubrig Bleibt” by Harry Martis, Night Canopy by Gary Breslin, Field by Nick Luchkiv, Planet Love by Pavel Luzin, Light Forms by Malcolm Sutherland, and Vanishing Point by Takuya Hosogane. The Bonus Music on Stash 67 arrives via the fine crew of Just Friends Records in Halifax and includes 11 must-have MP3s.

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