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The gluttony begins with Aaron Duffy and 1stAveMachine building a “Parisian Love Story” from nothing but Google’s search tools, then James Wignall kicks it up a gear or two with a vibrant shot of Southern Comfort, Marc Craste and Studio aka re-envision the origin of the Olympic games in dramatic black and white for the BBC, Brazil’s Casablanca retread the ESSO brand in South America with epic asphalt VFX, Zoic Studios blast their way through full CG death and destruction for EA’s “Army of Two: The 40th Day”, Logan fuses live action and pristine 3D for Sega’s new alien invasion shooter “Vanquish”, and Tronic and Marco Brambilla bury Dubai in chaos and mayhem for the “Spec Ops” trailer before we meet Sniffles the mouse and his animatronic stunt double in John Nolans hilarious “Nolan’s Cheddar.”

Buck breaks the titles and broadcast design section wide open with four clips screened before all the films at Sundance 2010, Portland’s Sean Pecknold and Grandchildren construct a whimsical journey through your brain for BBC, Fraggleboo and Chez Eddy pile on the slapstick for French kids channel Teletoon, Royale ride a wave of destruction and rebirth in the latest Fuel TV Signature spot, and Peppermelon catapult the 2009 Latin America MTV Awards deep, deep into the future.

Then it’s time for a relaxing musical interlude. Or not: Motion Theory unleashes “Boom Boom Pow” for the Black Eyed Peas; Chain Gang and 1000 Styles go retro kung fu crazy for Raekwon’s “House of Flying Daggers” track; and Tim Nackashi induces chronic chroma-overload in his one-shot wonder for OK Go’s “WTF?” video.

The seven Bonus Films on 66 make up the fifth Stash Student Film Mini-fest and include accomplished works from Daniel Klug (Animationmentor), Kim Young Ha (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Philippe Desfretier, Nicolas Dufresne, Martin Laugero and Sylvain Kauffmann (Supinfocom), Jordi Pages (London College of Communication), Claus Daniel Herrmann and Roman Jungblut (Koln International School of Design), David Scharf (Faculty of Graphics Design of the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg), and Emilia Forstreuter (Braunschweig University of Art).

The Bonus Music on Stash 66 arrives courtesy of Toronto indie-rock defenders (weewerk) Records and includes 10 fresh MP3s from Myka 9, Lord Fowl, Boy in Static, Gregory Pepper and His Problems, Awol One and Factor, David Ramos, Pretend You’re Happy, Ceschi, ICon the Mike King and Chum, and Tommy V.

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