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Buck gets us off and running with their hilarious and creepy toxic bubbles for Droga5 and Method; The Mill terraform the planet in epic style for Guinness; Elastic and a52 inject warmth and style into the Honda Crosstour launch; Animal Logic stretch crowd surfing to new lengths for Subaru; Hamburg’s Infected help Mercedes celebrate with a symphony of mud and dirt; MassMarket peers into the near future for the US Air Force; and MPC and Daniel Kleinman drive home the case against airplane carbon emmissions with a shocker concerning gravity and the gruesome demise of photo-real polar bears.

Luckily that last grimace-inducing jolt is balanced by fun and fantasy in the broadcast design and titles section: South African deign shop Orijin mix classic films into a seamless and magical promo for MNET; Stardust crank up the ideas-per-second factor for Cartoon Network in Europe; Dvein bring their knack for charismatic surrealism to IDs for Canal+ and the titles for the Xcentric film exhibition; ManvsMachine explode a vibrant mess of holiday cheer for BT Vision; and Brooklyn’s Wemake intro the 09 design festival with a hand-rendered labor of love.

The Bonus films on 64 comprise seven divergent and idosyncratic music videos curated into a 23-minute mini-festival: the Tom Fun Orchestra “Bottom of the River” by Trunk Animation; Izza Kizza “Ohh La La” by Yoram Benz; Air “Sing Sang Sung” by Mathematic; “Ljósið” by Esteban Diácono; Soldout “The Cut” by SoLab; Holy Fuck “Royal Gregory” by Mina Song; and Soko “I’ll Kill Her” by Jörg Barton.

Behind the Scenes on 64 includes revealing peeks into the making of Mercedes G Class “FIreworks” by Infected, MNET “Magic Studios” by Orijin, The 09 titles by Wemake, Love Bomb by Freestyle Collective, Urban Tree by Vali Chincisan, Alfa Romeo “Escape” by Andy Martin, City Harvest “Apples” by The Mill, and Flapflap by Polynoid.

The Bonus Music on Stash 64 is a selection of seven cool MP3s from Scottish indie label Song, By Toad including recent work from Jesus H. Foxx, Maxwell Panther, Meursault, and Trips and Falls.

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