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Stash 63 boosts you into the new year with a powerful collection of animation and VFX plus:

* Three stunning bonus films from Japanese visual artist Makoto Yabuki
* 20 minutes of Behind the Scenes features
* Nicely twisted holiday poster art from designer/illustrator Chris Piascik
* Seven sweet MP3 bonus tracks from Hecq.

Framestore sets our opening trajectory with their massive and action-packed new game opening for Activision’s DJ Hero, MPC keep the action theme but change scale in finely rendered mouse-driven heroics for Kerry Lowlow, then Psyop put rubber to the road with an ambitious super-hero inspired update of the Michelin Man.

New York’s Eyeball leads us into a more lyrical section with their latest visual feast for Target’s “Art for All” project, before Noam Murro and Carbon FX dive 15 Austrailan acrobats through your skin for Vaseline, London’s Blacknail Pictures choroeograph millions of cells with smooth typographic skills for cancer awareness, and Elastic and a52 carefully layer up NBA stars into a dazzling on-court dance for Adidas.

The three Bonus films on 63 are a small tribute to the giant talents of Japanese director Makoto Yabuki. The stark geometric beauty of As One and Manakai and the whimsical constructions of White Box give you a glimpse into the singular vision of a wholly unique artist.

Behind the Scenes on 63 includes insightful looks into the making of Vaseline Sheer Infusion from Noam Murro and Carbon FX, The Playground Festival Titles from Onesize, Ape School “Wail to God” by Anthony F. Schepperd, Sony Ericsson “Put Your Ears in Control” by Varelsen, Fiat 500 “New Times” by Lobo and Vetor Zero and the Gobelins short Un Tour de Manege.

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