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Stash 62 jolts your creative lobe with an unpredictable riot of animaton and VFX projects, Behind the Scenes extras, a bonus 15-minute Mini-fest of Recent Graduate Films PLUS 12 bonus MP3s from Arjan Van Meerten.

The trip begins in Africa via Cadbury’s “Cocoa Beams” fairtrade music video from The Mill, then veers off into general weirdness with stopovers at Duracell from Pleix and Digital District (on the cover), Coke Zero from Pete Candeland and Passion Pictures, Fox’s Biscuits directed by D.A.D.D.Y. with animation from Golden Square, stop motion “Real Minimalism” from Living Room Pictures and Weirdoughfilms in Germany, a pair of spots from Ash Bolland and Umeric through Taxi Canada, and FEMA “World Upside Down” from @Radical director Derin Seale and Asylum.

The four Bonus Films on 62 make up a eclectic mini-fest of work by recent animation graduates including: Down to Earth by the Dutch trio of Niels van der Heijden, Jairo Oetomo and Michiel Wouters, “HP - Invent” created for the D&AD Student Awards competition by Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson, Someone by Magali Barbe and Jean Constantial, and Hemlock created for the CG Society Steampunk Challenge by Tyson Ibele.

Behind the Scenes on 62 includes close-up and pesronal looks inside the Halo 3 game cinematic from Asylum, the “Real Minimalism” spot from Weirdoughfilm and Living Room Pictures, the Flash on the Beach titles from Artillery, the ”Blackhole” video from Arjan van Meerten, the Hemlock short film by Tyson Ibele and Experiment 5.6.5/10 by Noam Gelbart.

The 12 bonus music tracks on Stash 62 make up a full 38-minute listening odyssey from Dutch musician/animator Arjan van Meerten.

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