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Stash 61 delivers over two hours of fun and inspiration including the world’s most innovative animaton and VFX projects, Behind the Scenes extras, a 23-minute Music Video Mini-fest PLUS 10 bonus MP3s from Matchless Music.

Nexus directors FX & Mat start us off with an Olympian CG effort for the IOC, Digital Domain and director Carl Erik Rinsch intelligently combine sleek animation and a pristine render for Audi, Toronto’s AXYZ help a little porcelain dude shed a salty tear for Knorr, The Mill demonstrates the dangers of “Different Scents” for Old Spice, and Milan’s Mutado get down and hoody for Diesel before Partizan director Chris Cairns and The Mill cleanse our palettes with his hip/hilarious short film Neurosonics Audio Medical Labs Inc.

Vienna’s Eat My Dear launch the broadcast design section with their new work for Universal Music’s Urban TV, Artillery Design (out of Brighton, UK) keep the pedal to the metal for the FX rebrand and Buenos Aires studios GULA and Hombre.cosa keep MTV Latin America hopping with two new clips.

There are seven BONUS FILMS on 61 each exploring the outer reaches of the music video genre including work for Fiery Furnaces, Tim Fite, Jokeren, Lowstar, Metal on Metal, Monogrenade and Chew Lips.

The BEHIND THE SCENES line-up on 61 offers insightful peeks into Artillery Design’s FX Rebrand, Anima Boutique’s “Love in the Mountains”, Ingo Walde’s “Year of the Gorilla”, 23lunes’ Neositrin spot, and Michele D’Auria’s The Dream Comes True for Honda.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 61 is a 10-track explosion of audio goodness from indie music licensing specialists Matchless Music. Grab tunes from Dave Merson Hess, Judi Chicago, Kasha, Leb Laze, Long Knives, Moped10, Noot D’Noot, Tettix, The Goldest and the Meeks Family.

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