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Fast, fun and blindingly diverse, Stash 59 is a jolting thrill ride of motion design including the massive Star Wars: Old Republic cinematic from Blur Studios for Lucas Arts plus 16 minutes of penetrating Behind the Scenes features and four fresh bonus MP3 tracks from The Buddy System.

The inspiration starts, appropriately enough, with light bulbs – beautifully rendered and integrated into black and white footage for Audi from The Mill. Then the pace quickens with a spectacular all-3D Nike spec spot from Barcelona’s Big Lazy Robot for director Carl Erik Rinsch and extreme roller skating babies for Evian from MPC. The Mill also takes us into the incredibly detailed but bittersweet micro world of a lovable caterpillar for AMF, Stardust paints a duo of complex watercolors for Shell and MK12 re-teams with director Marc Forster for his personal and trippy take on life and flying for Swiss Airlines.

The broadcast and title design section on 59 launches with the star-studded “House of Imagination”, a grandly scaled Syfy branding film from 4 Creative with VFX by MPC, before plowing into the series of six ambitious new MTV IDs from Universal Everything with the directing talents of Tronic, Realise, Maxim Zhestkov and Zeitguised. Buenos Aires studio Punga assmble a dark and riveting promo for FOX Crime Italy, Sydney’s Resolution Design crank it to 11 with four spots for the MTV Australia Awards, Valins&Co. in Manhattan bring out the best of Britain with a sharp and witty promo for BBC America, PepperMelon reveal their use of mind-altering substances with three psycotropic adventures for SpongeBob, and New York’s Favorite Color team with Parson’s graduate Varathit Uthaisri to light up the 2009 Promax/BDA Awards.

The BONUS FILMS on 59 are two visually stunning game cinematics from 3D powerhouse Blur Studio in Venice, CA. Both films, “Prototype” and Star Wars: The Old Republic “Deceived,” (on the cover) are examples of just how visceral and compelling digital stories can be.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 59 is a tight program of four fabulous tracks from Athens, GA, band The Buddy System.

The BEHIND THE SCENES line-up on 59 offers very cool peeks into the making of Big Lazy Robot’s Nike spec spot, MPC’s evian-drinking roller-babies, The trials and tribulations of The Mill’s AMF caterpillar, Favorite Color’s sleek new open for the Promax/BDA Awards and Supinfocom’s Machu Picchu Post.

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