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Stash 58 is officially the biggest Stash to date – delivering 2.5 hours of animation and VFX inspiration including the 24-minute, mutli-award winning short “Varmints” from Studio aka and director Marc Craste – plus 36 minutes of Behind the Scenes extras and eight tasty MP3 tracks from Friendly Fire Recordings.

This epic journey begins with the quiet beauty of millions of carefully choreographed particles for Audi from Infected Postproduction in Germany, then zags into a series of fantastic worlds: a penguin escapes frozen boredom with help from his home-made rocket pack; Daniel Kleinman and Framestore for Pepsi; hundreds of costume clad kids provide the environment for the Toyota Prius via Perceptual Engineering, Brickyard and Fin Design; three iconic cities rise from single drops of Tiger beer via Aukland effects studio Oktobor; and the tall tale of soccer phenom Lionel Messi gets a dark and dramatic treatment from The Mill.

Logan provides the first palette cleanser of Stash 58 with a seriously twisted video full of CG-powered corruption and depravity for the latest track from producer Squeaky E Clean and the N.A.S.A. project. Prologue Films is here with two stand-out projects: the titles for the 2009 OFFF conference in Lisbon and the MTV Movie Awards package, both of which contrast nicely with Lobo’s frenetic analog title treatment for the Brazilian mini-series “Capitu” and BooneOakley’s low-tech doodling for the clever launch of their new website on YouTube.

The BONUS FILM on 58 is an animated masterwork from London’s Studio aka and director Marc Craste; “Varmints” is a 24-minute tale of hope and sacrifice based on Craste’s award-winning book collaboration with UK writer Helen Ward. Since its release in summer 2008 the film has garnered glowing reviews, won multiple awards and was shortlisted for an Oscar.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 58 showcases another eight MP3s from our friends at Friendly Fire Recordings including new tracks from Faunts, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Windmill, Elk City and The Old Soul.

The BEHIND THE SCENES line-up on 58 is one of our most comprehensive ever and includes insightful looks into the making of: Pepsi “Flight of the Penguin” and “Rising”, Toyota Prius “Harmony” and “MPG”, The Tiger Beer campaign, the “Capitu” opening titles, the “Sorry I’m Late” short film, the Birdy Nam Nam “The Parachute Ending” video, the Europride 09 “Pufff” spot, and the “Eole” short film.

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