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Prepare yourself for the most massive Stash ever. Clocking in at over two hours, Stash 56 packs a 70-minute main program, an exclusive interview with Dstrukt and Hecq courtesy of Designflux, six more brilliant films from PSST3!, 10 killer MP3s from Squeak E Clean plus 17 minutes of insightful Behind the Scenes features.

This inspiration gorge-athon ramps up with a first course of frozen 3D alien carnage for PSP Resistance from Visual Art in Stockholm then spills out in all directions: Lobo is here with their hard-hitting history lesson in violence for Amnesty International; then BlackGinger lightens the mood with their mastery of dancing headlights for Honda; Superfad pushes info-graphics to the next level for Sprint; Psyop stages a gladiatorial battle in corrugated cardboard for UPS, the all-German team of Velvet and Black Mountain conjure a magical aquarium for Visa; Beijing’s One Production reveal the eco-disasters looming in China’s country side; and Digital Domain re-teams with the Oscar-winning crew of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” for Lexus.

Meanwhile, the broadcast and title design trolley pulls up serving Strukt’s new titles from the Toca Me Design Conference, Ben West’s delightful character work for Foxtel’s Max 2 channel, Pool Worldwide’s off-kilter flipbook juxtapositions for Cult and Topix’s atmospheric open for the First Boards Awards then rolls away to reveal a clean and inviting glimpse of near-future tech for Microsoft from Seattle’s Oh, Hello and a pristinely crafted look inside Red Bull’s new F1 race car from Aixsponza.

The BONUS FILMS on Stash 56 are the second set of six brand new works from PSST!3, the latest incarnation of Bran Dougherty-Johnson’s adventure in collaborative motion art. Stash is pleased to present all 17 of the PSST!3 films spread over issues 55, 56 and 57.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 56 is a monster stack of 10 MP3s from white hot LA musician/producer Squeak E Clean including collaborations with Kanye West, Santogold and John Frusciante

The BEHIND THE SCENES line-up on 56 includes insightful features from Visual Art on PSP Resistance Retribution, BlackGinger on Honda “Let it Shine”, Spike Jonze on UNKLE’s “Heaven” music video, Solis Animation on James Hunter’s “Carina”, Department of Motion Graphics and Fusion CI on the Fonterra “Whole 30” spot and Loki Visual Effects on Wenjun “Formation Diamond”.

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