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Stash 55 delivers 84 minutes of unpredictable inspiration with 34 head-snapping clips plus behind the scenes extras and six bonus MP3 tracks.

The main program opens with Smith & Foulkes’ isometric and musical tribute to the convenient life for Comcast, Daniel Kleinman and Framestore put a new edge on the streets of San Francisco for Audi, Fin Design demonstrate the strange and wonderful potency of Tasmanian water for Lion Nathan, Buck Stepps up for a pair of nightmarish anti-smoking spots, Psyop takes a turn to the dark side and reveal a few inner demons for Electronic Arts, before Sehsucht unfolds a surprising little Rorschach experiment for German erotic channel Beate Uhse.

The broadcast and title design section on 55 screams off the line with La Huella and Fox Sports Design teaming up for the new NASCAR promo, then navigates a set of sharp curves through Mainframe’s international rebrand for Nick, E&P’s delicate and calming interludes for Thai transportation channel On Route, Superestudio’s ambitious AXN Film Fest graphics package, and Addikt’s jarring FITC Amsterdam titles.

The BONUS FILMS on Stash 55 are the first six of 17 brand new works in PSST!3, the latest incarnation of Bran Dougherty-Johnson’s adventure in collaborative motion art. Stash is pleased to present all of the PSST!3 films spread over issues 55, 56 and 57.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 55 is a tangled pile up of 6 MP3s from Last Gang Records including recent tracks from Magneta Lane, Mother Mother, Panurge, Mothers Fathers, Terry Lynn and Tricky Woo.

The BEHIND THE SCENES line-up on 55 includes insightful features on five projects including NASCAR “Underground” from Fox Sports Design and La Huella, “Special Guest: The Journey” from Vinicius Costa and Animatorio, Kid Cudi “Day'n'nite” from SoMe and Mathematic, the Alzheimer “Minds” spot from Nico Casavecchia and Boolab and the “Civilization” video installation from Marco Brambilla and Crush.

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