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Stash 52 includes 92 minutes of content on the main disk, plus 10 bonus MP3 tracks from Saddle Creek Records, plus 35 minutes of the latest work from Le Pivot, Aixsponza, LeMob and Sprite Animation Studios on the Bonus Disk.

And it all starts in Korea with epic new work from Seoul’s Giantstep for Nike, a complex and beautiful spot from Psyop for Audi, a pair of perfectly executed CG virals from Germany’s Parasol Island for the launch of Infiniti in Europe, Tronic’s gorgeous architectural piece for Herzog & de Meuron’s spectacular new residential tower in Manhattan and Bent Image Lab’s over-the-top magic realist take on Coke’s secret formula.

Then, just as you’re getting comfortable – SLAM! – you get broadsided by Pete the Meat Puppet. He’s the first work out of brand new NY studio Legs for an online Diesel campaign and completely unlike those other marionette sing-a-long ballads about drugs, bestiality and all-round personal tragedy you have seen before.

The two BONUS FILMS on Stash 52 are dredged from the murky currents running through the mind of Polish-born director/animator Grzegorz Jonkajtys. Both “Ark” and “Legacy” are beautifully rendered wordless narratives of loss – both physical and mental.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 52 is a full album’s worth of 10 MP3s highlighting killer talent signed to Saddle Creek Records, including Sebastien Grainger, Tokyo Police Club, Land Of Talk, Son Ambulance, Neva Dinova, Cursive, Two Gallants, Bright Eyes, The Good Life and Georgie James.

BEHIND THE SCENES clips on this issue include insightful looks at the making of Nike “Be the Legend” from Giantstep, the Infiniti virals from Parasol Island, Aras Darmawan’s short film “Gaganeswara”, and Ten Kens “Spanish Fly” music video from Blackbelt Kids.

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