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There is only one thing to do when you hit 50: slam together the most enormous, most killer-est Stash ever. That means 99 minutes of lobe-lashing inspiration on the main disk, including six bonus short films, PLUS ten behind-the-scenes features, PLUS 76 minutes on the bonus disk (including the latest work from Post Panic, Parasol Island, Gazz, Dinamo Digital, Digital Kitchen, and Bent Image Lab), PLUS 3D glasses for watching the short film featured on the cover – "3D Machine" from Ka-Ching Cartoons.

It’s our biggest issue ever and it leads off with spoken word artist Ainsley Burrows wrapped in the power and beauty of Shilo’s new Guinness spot then dips and dives through a maniacal mash-up including Paranoid US and Digital District doubling down for Nike, Digital Domain pumping up the Honda Fit, Velvet bathing German supermodel Hana Soukupova in haute water, Absolute getting tough for Fredrik Bond and Levis, Stylewar and Swiss International staging a cinematic invasion, and Axis Animation bringing Ben Hibon’s fantastic new creatures to life for the Renault Clio.

The six BONUS FILMS on Stash 50 were all selected for screening at the 2008 edition of the prestigious Ottawa International Animation Festival. Running 34 minutes, our most generous bonus film program ever includes: "A Letter to Colleen" by Andy and Carolyn London, "Intergalactic Who’s Who" by Kevin D. A. Kurytnik and Carol Beecher, "Emily in the Clouds" by Clayton Mitchell, "Race Across the Rainbow" by Jackson He, "Berni’s Doll" by Yann Jouette, and "A Sheep on the Roof" by Remy Schaepman.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 50 is a beautiful collection of seven ear-massaging MP3s from The Kora Records, including Fredrik "Black Fur", The Fairline Parkway "Westward Bound", The LK "Private Life of a Cat", The Great Northwest "Know What I Mean", Gregor Samsa "Pseudonyms", The Piano Creeps "Hey Love", and Meredith Bragg "Twin Arrows".

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