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Sit back, open your cranium and let Stash 49 take you on a high-altitude tour of the planetís most innovative and outstanding animation, VFX and motion design companies and projects.

Your departure comes via two spectacular United Airlines spots: the first from Black Heart Gang and their new studio Shy the Sun and the second from the teaming of Passion Pictures directors SSSR and Gaelle Denis. From there we navigate through a series of unpredictable updrafts like Akamaís grand new opus for Lotus, Psyopís stylish new spots for Stoli and Smith & Nephew, tokyoplasticís baroque-ish take on connectivity for Nokia and Eric Lernersís Olympian nesting efforts for Coke through PartizanLab.

The BONUS FILMS on Stash 49 form our first Video Game Mini-fest and include killer new 3D treats for three gaming sequels: Logan for Resistance 2, Axis Animation for Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising and Shilo for Mercenaries 2.

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 49 is a beatbox full of nine MP3s from Now-Again Records guaranteed to lower the mercury of your play list including tracks from Mr. Chop, Heliocentrics, Karl Hector, Whitefield Brothers, MRR-ADM, Lightmen Plus One, Koushik, Karl Hector and Triorganico.

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