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Sure Stash 45 starts out all fancy and high class, with the big budgets and glossy black and white treatments, but – as always – it quickly descends into a morass of crazed, unpredictable fun and brilliant weirdness.

Also included in this issue: the newest Stash BONUS DISK packing in-depth selections of work from Bent Image Lab, Frame and Deva Studios.

We open the main program on the precise and metaphorical new Audi R6 launch spot from the Mill then slip peacefully into Logan’s elegant fluid work for Kohler Karbon before Psyop and MassMarket gracefully shatter any illusions we had about Absolut vodka.

Then, just as we were feeling our fourth and fifth chakras coming into alignment, the Mill busts out the fast break with slammin’ Mistubishi robots and then (without stopping to catch their breath) they destroy a truckload of Sony HD products by throwing them off a mountain. Psyop LA contributes to the buzz with their stylin’ new Häagen-Dazs spot while Farfar and Hobby Film convince 1,034 stop-motion people to follow them around Lisbon for six days for Nokia.

The momentum builds as we break into the broadcast design section with James Price and Transistor getting all medieval on BBC4 through Strange Beast, Helios Design Labs getting extra loose and lo-fi for MTV Canada and Trollbäck bringing some high-tech class to the sports world via ESPN. This is also where we find three newcomers to keep your eyes on: Parisian studio View with their electric new Virgin 17 spot, Thank You from Copenhagen with their manically labor-intensive new MTV Denmark work, and the team of Tenge Films and mashcomix from Tokyo with the completely chaotic new open for the Japanese MSN Video Awards (on the cover).

All 11 of the BONUS FILMS on 45 were recognized as miniature motion gems in the Adobe Photoshop “See What’s Possible” Challenge which dangled $20,000 in front of the world’s graphic designers, web pros, photographers, animators, and motion graphics designers and asked them to “Compose an engaging animation or motion graphic video incorporating the Photoshop brand logo that illustrates the theme of ‘See What’s Possible’.”

The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 45 is happy little avalanche of indie rock started by the not-so-innocent people at Shovelfire Records. Grab seven cool MP3 tracks from Maritime, Chin Up Chin Up, Bound Stems, Narrator and Russian Circles.

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