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One of our most deliriously diverse line-ups ever, Stash 43 packs almost 70 minutes of animation and VFX onto the main disk and also includes another hour of the latest and greatest work from Digital Kitchen, Strange Beast, Tandem, and Make on Stash Bonus Disk 3.

The fun starts with Milford, a Swedish studio you need to know about, with their must-see 3D/live action character mash-up for Boxer. From there the flood gates swing wide and you are awash in some serious CG: like knotty arboreal rugby players for Guinness and a fiscally thoughtful dragon for the Bank of Ireland from Glassworks in London; the death-defying agility of the Nissan Rogue from Paranoid US and BUF; and automotive robots who think of everything from Joseph Kosinski and Digital Domain for Chevy.

Paranoid US also steers the Sprint campaign into hand-drawn digital territory, while Stink reveals the origins of Adidas through ambitious stop motion, and Montreal’s Fluorescent Hill takes the psychedelic approach for The New Pornographers “Myriad Harbour” video (on the cover).

Fresh ideas on how to make your broadcast design jump out of the cable clutter arrive courtesy of EyeballNYC for Animal Planet, Zspace for ABC 1, Andy Martin through Mr and Mrs Smith for E4, Vincent for BB2, and Freestyle Collective for VH1 Black History Month.

The second half of Stash 43 is a multi-continent whirlwind of talent and techniques that defies categories or rational thinking: We start with the “Juno” main titles from Shadowplay Studio and Bitstate’s kinetic and stylish opening for the Slamdance film fest, then cruise through the new Unkle music video from Scubaboy for Filmaka and the wackiest of the new Radio Nova virals from Passion Pictures, Sherbet, SL Co and Mathematic before checking out stunning new 3D pieces from Hamburg’s Sehsucht and brand new NY studio SpecialGuest.

You’ll also find important new clips from Radium, Bl:nd, Dvein, Iloura, Crush, JJ Walker through Hornet, 1976 Productions and Ljudbilden & Piloten before ending with a giggle at the spectacularly silly new Zune work from Friendswithyou.

Okay, deep breath. Ready? Go…

The three BONUS FILMS on 43 make up the Student Mini Film Fest 2 – a trio of accomplished shorts as disparate in geography and technique as they are in content and tone. Make sure you don’t miss “Doggy Bag” from Guillaume Cassuto, Thomas Moine and Sylvain Perlot at Supinfocom, “My Paper Mind” from Javan Ivey at the Pratt Institute, and “Empty Space” from Firman Machda at the University of Wales.

Issue 43 also delivers the latest Stash BONUS DISK where selected studios are invited to show off their latest and greatest work. This edition includes insightful samples from Digital Kitchen, Tandem, Make and Strange Beast.

And the BONUS MUSIC? Our world-famous music editor Steve Marchese has uncovered another slew of new and brain-expanding indie tracks for your audio pleasure. This month you can grab seven free MP3s from the Polyvinyl Record Co. including tracks from Headlights, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Aloha, Ida, of Montreal, Architecture in Helsinki and Cale Parks.

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