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Collectors listen up! Not only does Stash 42 deliver over an hour of spectacular animation and VFX you also receive the exclusive world video premier of MK12’s “History of America” on the bonus disk.

42 leaps out of the gate with Framestore NY whipping 15-foot pigeons into a destructive frenzy for FedEx, Akama Studio helping a frazzled cubicle droid take the “Ultimate Break”, Mass Market and Stan Winston teaming up on some Monster “Legs”, Underdog and Stewie doing pneumatic battle for a giant floating Coke via the Mill NY, The Syndicate growing ice skates out of flesh and bone for CCM, Psyop tripping on microdot for Guinness and BUF slamming more NASCAR metal for Fox Sports.

Broadcast design is on fire this month too, with dangerous new work from Simon Robson for BBC, Shilo and Pesky for Cartoon Network (US and UK), Buck for Fuel TV, Dinamo Digital for Nick Brazil and Justin Harder for Discovery Channel.

From there, all sense of reason or logic falls apart as you are swept up in the planet’s first verified case of spontaneous optical combustion. Some highlights: Elena Wen’s hilarious new short film “Seat 29E”, the full set of four three-minute Goldfish branded films from Stink Digital, music videos from Giraffentoast, Ryan Quincy, Bitstate and Laundry! plus a darkly humorous look at the microscopic world on your bedside table from newcomers We Are Om.

We also pack in new work from National Television, StudioChu, Partizan Lab, Furia Digital and The Embassy before closing with Salvador Simó’s wonderful seven-minute 3D short called “Insight”.

And that, dear reader, is only the main program…

The BONUS FILMS on Stash 42 are three dense, detailed and dynamic clips designed to keep videogamers’ eyes and wallets wide open. All three come to you from the 800-pound gorilla in the gaming genre – the company producing by far the largest quantity of this time and talent-intensive work – Blur Studios in Venice, CA.

And that brings us to the BONUS DISK, your special collectable treat this month…

“History of America” is the 31-minute opus produced by Kansas City, MO, collective MK12. The studio calls the film their, “psychedelic western space opera”, and pits astronauts against cowboys in a complex, funny, and apocalyptic struggle for control of the earth. The film, over two years in the making and unlike anything you’ve ever seen, received a standing ovation at Sundance this year.

And finally, when the pandemonium of Stash 42 is done (or possibly before it starts) you can grab the BONUS MP3s off the disk and relax to the sweet sounds of The Acorn, Tokyo Police Club, Sally Shapiro, Woodhands, and You Say Party! We Say Die! from Toronto indie label Paper Bag Records.

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