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From sexy decomposing zombie chicks and sharks with anger management issues to epic battles with aliens and demons, Stash 41 has just about everything. In fact there is so much variety on Stash 41, a prominent NY psychiatrist has diagnosed the issue with multiple personality disorder.

How else do you explain opening with Park Village’s Greenpeace spot where light literally shines out of multiple posteriors, then jumping to Psyop’s poetic and patriotic new clips for the Chinese Olympics? Or Akama Studios cool and clean Mercedes viral (on the cover) slammed up against Hot Head’s writhing undead ladies of the evening for E4?

How else do you explain Royale’s fashionista viral for Flaunt and Diesel leading undaunted into a deathly serious spot for Amnesty International from Chez Eddy, or Conkerco’s eerie MarjarieDaw short trapped between this ethereal fairy tale from Impactist and line-dancing mental patients from Ghost Robot and Humouring the Fates.

Other signs of strange behavior to watch out for:

CTRL’s unpredictable clips for Toshiba and Sci Fi Channel, psychotic feline aggression from Simon Tofield and Tandem, certifiable broadcast design from Vinicius Costa for MTV Brazil, double Zune weirdness from Method and Süperfad, Deli Pictures’ manically destructive yet cheery Jeep spot, Aardman’s obsessive compulsive robot-flying granny, Nader Husseini’s Victorian hallucinations for Happy Bullets, and we close Stash 41 with a disturbing vision of lust and corrosive black goo called “Elephant Girl”, convincing evidence director David Lobser’s medication has gone very wrong.

Check the full list of inmates – uh, contributors below.

Now here’s something to make you really crazy...

All the production elements for your BONUS FILMS this issue – three virals for Halo 3 – had to be re-created from scratch because all the designs and development director Neill Blomkamp had done for his feature film version of Halo are locked away in a studio vault. Blomkamp shot these cinematic virals in a New Zealand landfill site with the soldier’s gear and live-action props delivered by legendary effects house Weta Workshop and the CG handled by Origami Digital in LA.

And finally, something sane: Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 41 is a canny compendium of nine MP3s from the completely rational folks at indie label Secretly Canadian including tracks from Dave Fischoff, Bodies of Water, Catfish Haven, Early Day Miners, The Impossible Shapes, Damien Jurado, Magnolia Electric Co., Throw Me the Statue, and Swearing at Motorists.

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