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Stash 39 is the last issue of 2007 but it’s packed with all sorts of interesting firsts like “Terminus”, the first short film from director Trevor Cawood, the naughty new Orangina spot (on the cover) marking the maiden voyage of The Mill CG crew with Psyop at the helm, and the introduction of no less than a dozen studios and directors making their premier appearances on Stash.

And how do you lead off this issue of firsts? With 1st Ave Machine of course, and their redefinition of sexy robotics for European electronic giant Saturn. From there we mix the new with the known and emerge with an absolute freak show of animation and VFX – here’s just a few highlights: Logan’s dark slow-mo duo for Casio, Süperfad’s sick treatments for PlayStation and Pioneer, two more epic and ambitious Guinness films – an animated gem from Studio AKA and the VFX charmer “Tipping Point” from The Mill directed by Nicolai Fuglsig.

You’ll also find our new favorite Welsh company Hollbrooks Films with their twisted little short called “T.O.M.”, the mad new hip-hop video for Spiss from Studio Baestarts in Budapest, and new broadcast work from Rushes in London and PepperMelon in Buenos Aires.

But of course that’s just the start…

Brand New School is here, as is Ghost from Copenhagen, Andreas Nilsson for José Gonzales, The Viral Factory for Samsung, A52 for Lexus, Onesize, Fuel, Condor, and a host of fresh new names to watch for including: The 50 Year Storm from NY, Medios y Proyectos from Spain, The Basement from LA, Spy Pictures from London plus directors Sil van der Woerd from the Netherlands, Adam Long from Portland and Eb Hu and Johnny Kelly from London.

The BONUS FILM on Stash 39 is called “Terminus”, a charming sci-fi dark comedy with VFX from The Embassy in Vancouver. The live action short had its premier this September at the Toronto Film Festival and has since landed director Trevor Cawood rep deals with Spy Films in Toronto and Biscuit Filmworks in LA.

Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 39 is a smoothly eclectic program of seven MP3s from Thrill Jockey Records designed to gently strip the old paint from your cerebral cortex with cool cuts from indie faves Sea And Cake, Trans Am, Tom Verlaine, Tortoise, The Zincs, National Trust and Angela Desveaux.

You’ll also find 27 minutes of BEHIND THE SCENES features on Stash 39 including revealing clips from 1st Ave Machine on Saturn “Pixel”, A52 on Lexus “Pop-Up”, Studio AKA on Guinness “Seconds From Greatness”, Ghost on Council for Traffic Safety “Take 10 Off”, and The 50 Year Storm on Subaru “WRX: The Legend Reborn”.

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