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Rock stars, directing legends, mob scenes, scandal, tear jerkers, literary giants, unrelenting pandemonium and several hundred slices of key lime pie – they’re all here on Stash 38 – plus bonus films, bonus MP3s and our second Stash Bonus Disk.

If you like to drop the names of “A” list directors, this is the issue for you – check out Michel Gondry and Fredrik Bond for Motorola, Michael Mann for Nike, Frank Budgen for Sony Bravia, Rupert Sanders for Halo 3, Lance Kelleher for Heineken and Pete Candeland rolling with the new Rockstar cinematic. Of course we know they’d all be mere mortals without the super powers bestowed them by the real unsung heroes of this noble quest (and over-wrought metaphor) – loyal and trusted animation and VFX studios. So we rounded up a few of those too.

Okay, more than a few – close to three dozen actually – including Digital Domain for Hummer with Joseph Kosinski, A52 for Honda, Soho for the new Dove viral, Glassworks for the Bank of Ireland, Postpanic for Tomtom, FilmTecknarna for The Ottawa International Animation Fest, Bent for They Might Be Giants, Totuma for Nick (on the cover), Shilo for Cartoon Network, W+K Tokyo Lab for Hifana, plus Passion Pictures, Asylum, The Mill, Renascent, Umeric, Method, Crush Inc., Head Gear and the list goes on (specifically it goes on in exacting detail below).

Yes, the main program is jammed full of goodies plus you also get…

Our second STASH BONUS DISK of sponsored content launches this month featuring the latest and greatest work from Laika House in Portland, Red Rover in Toronto, Aardman in Bristol, INTERspectacular in NY and a selection of the best films screened at this year’s Bitfilm Festival in Hamburg.

The four BONUS FILMS on Stash 38 make up our first STUDENT FILM MINI-FEST and are as diverse in origin as they are in mood, style and technique. The program includes “Adjustment” by Ian Mackinnon from the Royal College of Art in London, “The Legend of Boruta” by Bartosz Nowakowski from Emily Carr in Vancouver, “Homage” by Jacques Khouri from SCAD in Savannah, Georgia and “Tir Nin Og” by Fursy Teyssier from Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon, France.

Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 38 is a six-track journey into rapturous musical unpredictability with Clogs, Devastations, Baby Dayliner, Erik Friedlander, Doveman and The National all of whom are signed to cool NY indie label Brassland.

There is also 30 minutes of in-depth BEHIND THE SCENES features on Stash 38 including insightful clips on the making of: Motorola “Experience” including an interview with Michel Gondry; Sony Bravia “Play-Doh”; Halo 3 “Believe”; Nike “Leave Nothing”; the Honda Fit spots and Motorola “Hakko”.

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