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The incredibly strong line-up of animation and VFX projects plus the “STASH MIX 1” bonus music CD and poster make Stash 37 a must-have collector’s item.

The main disk of Stash 37 is probably our most consistently impressive to date with these highlights punctuating the line-up: Psyop makes more epic Coke magic with “Happiness Factory: The Movie” (on the cover); Framestore swims upstream for the Chemical Brothers’ “The Salmon Dance” video; No Brain and Mac Guff put a Rubik twist on traffic for Citroën; The Mill proves Guinness is “Alive Inside” in spectacular fashion; Asylum grabs us front row seats for a peek into the intricate and sordid lives on HBO’s “Voyeur”; Three Legged Legs ramps the action way up for Amp energy drink; Stefan Nadelman brings a little sting to his own peculiar bee movie; and Wizz gets steamy in the shower with the new sexy robot for Phillips.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. You will also find an inspiring range of styles and techniques from studios and talent you know like Aardman, Amautalab, Guru, EyeballNYC, Curious Pictures, Dancing Diablo, Belief, Adam Gault and Holland’s own brand of happy pill known as Han Hoogerbrugge. Plus, as always, Stash plays the good host by introducing you to people you want to meet – Wicked Pixels from South Africa, Ink Project and Underpants from Sydney, Kun-I Chang from NY via Taiwan, Chase Animation from London, Fried Pictures from Belgrade, Serbia, Vurpa from Malmo, Sweden, Thomas Salles from NYU, Imery Watson from London, and Tilnćrmet Lik from Oslo.

Our first BONUS MUSIC CD is called “STASH MIX 1” and is unlike anything you’ve heard before: 85 tracks from 77 artists, painstakingly stacked, split, flipped and double-dipped by Atlanta-based DJ Dave Langolf into a 50 minute masterpiece of mixology. We sent that audio file to Săo Paulo illustrators Mulheres Barbadas (aka Henrique Lima and Julio Zuckerman) who submerged themselves in the mix and surfaced several weeks later with the insanely intricate poster and disk art.

The five BONUS FILMS on this issue are the latest from Blinkink director Ben Hibon who knocked the planet off its axis last year with his spectacular “Codehunters” viral for MTV Asia. Hibon is back on Stash 37 with a suite of stunning new online films, this time for the PS3 game “Heavenly Sword”.

Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 37 is a collection of electro-eclectic MP3s from US indie label Ghostly International and includes seven elevating new tracks from Lusine, Matthew Dear, Sami Koivikko, Aeroc, Mobius Band, Kill Memory Crash and KILN.

Stash 37 also contains our largest BEHIND THE SCENES section to date covering eight projects and totaling over 23 minutes of insider information.

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