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If you like your inspiration served jagged, off-kilter and balls-to-the-wall unpredictable, Stash 35 is the issue for you.

Here’s the evidence: Blur pounds us out of the gate with their massive CG trailer for the Transformers game, MPC takes two tribes to hilarious war for the Mail on Sunday, Shilo slices the heads off a flock of Sheeple for Scion, Superfad cranks up original works of sport for the X G ames, Oceanwarmair wraps up sex-ed in candy colors for MTV (on the cover), Lobo laughs at you and your pitiful life for Fox, Wizz conjures a surreal and very wet puppet dream, Smith & Foulkes roll out a box-o-multi-media for the Platform festival, No Domain, Pistachios and PandaPanther pull the environmental switch for MTV.

Plus a ton of new and freakishly fresh work from names you love like Nexus, Slinky, Paranoid, Def2shoot, SL Co, Brickyard and Supinfocom and some you need to know like Piranha Bar from Dublin, Miopía Efectos Visuales from Madrid, Tear from London, Santa Maria from New York, Tyler James from Georgia, Swiss studio Tetsoo, German post house Das Werk and Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. See the full list of contributors below.

The BONUS FILM, Dad’s Dead, has won over 20 awards on the international fest circuit for its director Chris Shepherd and now stands as a cult classic. Powered by narration from British actor Ian Hart, the sobering animation-enhanced narrative is as riveting now as it was when the film first stunned audiences in 2003.

Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 35 is an eclectic selection of six tracks guaranteed to broaden your audio horizons. They all arrive courtesy of New York indie label Friendly Fire Recordings and include the work of Elk City, Asobi Seksu, The Whitsundays, Faunts, and David & the Citizens.

You're also going to love the re-designed Behind the Scenes interface - much easier navigation and viewing.

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