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The contents of Stash 34 are solid evidence the animation and VFX industry is growing and diversifying so quickly it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Here’s a few highlights: Reuben Sutherland and Joyrider discover new footage of alien chimera attacking WWII London, Michel Gondry shows off his multiple personalities for HP via his brother Olivier, Shilo guides us on an acid-induced tour of "The City of Good" (on the cover), Psyop/Massmarket traipse off on a surreal fishing trip for Renault, The Mill gets unusually kooky for the new Fratellis video, François Vogel and Sophie Gateau crank up the allegorics for the ambitious new Faithless Coke clip, permanently off-the-wall director Stefan Nadelman unleashes gourmand chaos in “Food Fight”, Corin Hardy and Academy gouge and claw their way through “She’s the new Thing” video for the Horrors - need I go on? Okay 34 also includes stunning new student work from Canadian Marek Okon, rampaging T-shirt art from Jonas&Françcois, as well as must-have clips from ThreeLeggedLegs, Onesize, Bitstate, Def2shoot, Dinamo Digital, Exopolis, Unexpected, Mr. Hyde, etc, etc, etc. See the full list of contributors below.

The BONUS FILM this issue is a special treat from Psyop called “Inside the Happiness Factory: A Documentary”. It’s a fabulous six minute guided tour where we meet the characters from the multi-award winning Coke “Happiness Factory” spot. And outside of the Coke exhibition in Atlanta, Stash is the only place you can see it.

Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 34 is another unpredictable array of MP3s to enhance your audio awareness and general coolness factor. This month features eight tracks from indie label Jagjaguwar including standout work from Oneida, Minus Story, Ladyhawk, Parts & Labor, and Black Mountain.

Also included this month is the STEPHEN ARNOLD MUSIC SHOWCASE including 25 minutes of downloadable tracks.

And as if that weren’t enough, Stash 34 also extensive behind the scenes features.

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