Stash 31

Hang on, here comes another 2+ hours of sensory overload – outstanding animation, vfx, motion design, behind the scenes extras and music downloads. Stash 31 is the perfect way to shrug off the last of winter and re-fire your frontal lobe.

We met a lot of new people putting together Stash 31 – talented people we think you should know about like Valkeiser Capital images from Amsterdam, Furi Furi from Tokyo, Hakka Design from Singapore, Quadroplastic from Moscow, RGB from Vilnius, Encyclopedia Pictura from San Francisco, Nemo Design, Unibros and Curiosity Group from Portland, and Metropolitana from Barcelona. We also hooked up with many people you know well, like Motion Theory and their new work for Modest Mouse, Imaginary Forces for CBS Sports, Brand New School for Jeep, Universal Everything for Audi, Psyop for Miller Genuine Draft, Post Panic for MTV, Buf for HP, and Buck and Shilo for Scion. And that's not the half of it; check out the full list of studios below.

The BONUS FILMS this issue are two deceptively simple and surreal shorts from the untethered mind and steady hand of Italian illustrator/grafitti artist Blu who is the subject of a forthcoming documentary called Megunica.

Your BONUS MUSIC downloads on Stash 31 (nine tracks - almost an hour of sweet sounds) come courtesy of the nice + smooth label in Toronto and include tracks from Kinder Atom, DJ Shine, Heiki, Mossyrock, SolaZul, Teknostep and Chromosphere.

Yes, it's a lot, but we know you can handle it.

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