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Stash 25 is our biggest issue ever. It includes a full line-up of stellar international animation, vfx and mograph projects and behind the scenes material PLUS all 15 winners and finalists from the 2006 Global Student Animation Awards as Bonus films. That's over 2 hours of inspiration and information. Add on the seven new BONUS tracks from Universal Music Publishing Group artists Tom Vek, Fionn Regan, Magnet, Art Brut, Eric Matthews, Assembly Now, and Woodbine and we are approaching sensory overload.  

We start the issue with “Humans!” (on the cover) a dead-on black comedy disguised as a mock PSA which won the Animation Category and was chosen by 15 industry judges as The Best of 2006 in this year's Global Student Animation Awards. From there we break into a whirlwind trans-Atlantic Paris/London/NY tour through some of the planet's top studios with Buf in the driver's seat for Peugot, The Mill making a splash for Infiniti, Framestore NY cutting up for Discover, Glassworks floating away with Lux, MPC crumpling T-Mobile and Nexus seeing pink for a certain famous panther.

The frequent flyer points keep piling up as we hop on to Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, LA, Milan, and Toronto gathering a trunk-full of broadcast and motion design work from PostPanic and Punga for MTV, Colorblok for VH1, Spark for TVtropolis, Lo Iacono for Diesel, and Crush for Vespa.

And you'll need a GPS device to keep track of yourself the rest of this trip that has us back in London for Aardman's ambitious new installation at Madame Taussaud's and Ben Wheatley's virals for BBC2, before we're off to NY to see Motomichi Nakamura's video for the Knife and World Leaders Entertainment for Mega. In LA we catch a slick new Bud Light spec from Duck and Stardust's creepy new California Coastal Commission spot before we jump the Pacific to screen work from China 's brightest new studio Daysview and a mesmerizing new MV from Fatface in Hong Kong . Somehow – possibly by actually bending space and time – we also manage to squeeze in stop-motion work from Partizan and Nylon Motion, the multi-award winning short “Bendito Machine” from Zumbakamera in Barcelona and the VFX, Motion Design and Audience Choice winners from the 2006 Global Student Animation Awards.

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