Stash 24

Stash 24 marks Stash's 2nd anniversary and they're celebrating with an inspirational line-up of animation, VFX and motion graphics from some of the most influential talent on the planet including Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry, Logan, Motion Theory, Smith & Foulkes, Psyop, Buf and Shilo.

Any BONUS films on this issue? Oh yes – all five winners of the 2006 Rushes Soho Shorts Festival including director Run Wrake’s manically twisted "Rabbit". BONUS music tracks on Stash 24 come courtesy of white-hot NY indie label The Agriculture including work from DJ Olive, Lloop and David Last.

The Stash 24 party gets off to a fast start with a crazed swarm of flies for Caltec from Animal Logic, silky smooth graphics for HP from Motion Theory, fun retro-graphics for the Gap from Shilo and Method, sweet and cheery cartoon violence from Bl:nd for Specialized, frenetic psycho-graphics for Coke from Transistor, a tragic tale of a beef-addicted 3D lout from Oslo studio Qvisten and Loyalkaspar getting cheeky for

The broadcast design section hits the dance floor with Buf and Fox sports re-teamed for another stunning spot of epic proportions and new-comer Blacklist makes their debut with Psyop and againstallodds for ESPN. Other nice moves include English & Pocket spicing up News Asia, Concrete Pictures making a play for GSN, and Freestyle Collective courting MTV K.

The last half of this Stash 24 shindig is a treasure hunt of unexpected treats where you’ll find the world premier of “Stand”, a mesmerizing new short film from Stephen Fitzgerald, an ambitiously spacey Hello Kitty film from NY’s Pinthin, Chel White’s near-genius "Harrowdown Hill" video for Thom Yorke with Bent, Logan’s trippy new "Get Together" video for Madonna, "The Reality Project" from director Domenico Bartolo of 21-19 (on the cover), Chris Cunningham’s creeped-out work for The Horrors via Golden Square, Leftchannel’s "Blissful", and Smith &

Foulkes sensational new "Videogame" spot for Coke through Nexus. Other must-meet Stash 24 party guests include Helios and Head Gear from Toronto, Fatface from Hong Kong, Sherbet from London, Partizan from Paris, Mercurio Films from Milan, Cluster Studio from Mexico and No-domain from Barcelona.

Don’t worry, you have a full month to recover until Stash 25.

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