Stash 22

Perhaps our most eclectic compilation of work to date, Stash 22 is stuffed with bold animation experiments and genre-bending VFX and design work. BONUS programs in this issue: The world premiere of the “Psst! Pass It On” project – an ambitious collection of six short films produced by a collaboration of over 30 top international designers and animators. And of course the monthly Stash music sampler is here – this time you can grab seven mind-expanding MP3s from indie label Cookshop out of Brighton, UK .

The Stash 22 program opens with the poetic mix of animation, live action and puppetry of “Tyger” from Guilherme Marcondes before ramping up the VFX work with head-butting tables from MPC for Vodaphone, subLYMONal silliness from Framestore for Sprite and auto-erotica from Digital Domain for Lexus. You'll also meet four companies you need to know: Tax Free and Edenlab from Italy , Ghost from Copenhagen and Vasava from Barcelona.

The last half of Stash 22 is a minefield of the unexpected and unprecedented. You'll find the smooth Rorschach organics of Bli:nd's Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” slammed up against the industrial paranoia of Alessandro Pacciani's video for Thee Maldoror Kollective. Digic unleashes the latest Warhammer cinematic right before SSSRs sweet and trippy vid for BellX1. Then Paris-based Le Pivot spins out two stunning and completely divergent branded content CG films for Honda and Nike. Need more? Okay – the run for the finish begins with Precursor's flat and frenetic graphics for Suzuki threatening to run over the elegant and delicate “Butterfly” from Wizz and Exvoto before we pause for tea with an emotional short tale produced by Model Robot for UK director Louise Wilde . Of course the only way to follow that, and close out the issue, is with the epic post-apocalyptic CG blow-out from Axis Animation and MTV Asia known as “Codehunters”. Make no mistake, Stash 22 rocks.

The second act starts with an exclusive sneak preview of the new CG mini-masterpiece from Alex Weil and Charlex called “One Rat Short”. And from there an avalanche of broadcast chaos engulfs us: Horny Monkeys for G4 from Hornet, a monumental Spongebob from Mainframe, blood thirsty critters for G4 from Full Tank, nicely twisted awards show packages from Umeric and Anton Sakara as well as sweetly sinister IDs for Jetix from Vancouver's Studio B (on the cover).

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