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20 issues later and the inspiration will just not stop. From the mainstream and big budget to the edgy, lyrical and just plain strange, the animation VFX and motion design work on this issue is guaranteed to get your synapses… well, synapsing. And just when you think you can't be any more alive, here come the BONUS programs: A landmark animated film from Jonas Odell called “ Never Like the First Time! “ and a sweet six-track music sampler from indie hip-hop label Nature Sounds.

We open Stash 20 with the soft-sell charm of Studio AKAs new 3D lottery spot before Smith & Foulkes' lose their “Heads” for Renault. Then we unleash a chewy slew of gum (yes, gum) advertising from The Asylum, Milky Elephant and Aardman before racing on to intriguing new work from Rhinofx for Toyota, Framestore CFC for VW, Pleix for Adidas and groundbreaking Psyop work that pushes Coke into new graphic territory.

Then we pause to cleanse the palette with Nobrain's spectacular “Fleur de Saison” video for chanteuse Emilie Simon before digging into the broadcast design section highlighted by refreshing takes from Psyop for MTV HD (on the cover), The LaB and Creative Bubble for VH1, INTERspectacular for Fuel TV, Mainframe for Brit Sci Fi, monkeylab for New Zealand's TV2, Smoke & Mirrors for the UK's MORE4 and Play Airways for MTV Canada.

The last third of this disk is an international minefield of innovative music videos, virals, commercials, short films and spec projects that defy logic or explanation. Suffice it to say this work, including new projects from London 's United Visual Artists, Brooklyn 's Dancing Diablo, Cape Town 's The Black Heart Gang, Toronto's Cuppa Coffee and LA's Stardust belongs in your collection.

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