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The most adventurous issue yet, Stash 18 is an unpredictable selection of international commercial and personal animation, VFX and motion design that defies categories and traditional media boundaries. Also included on the disk is a special BONUS program including all five of the new Panasonic “Capture the Motion” films commissioned for the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Stash 18 opens with big and quirky CG and VFX spots for Nike from Golden Square in London and Adidas from Animal Logic in Sydney before heading into over-the-top action-fantasy work for Pepsi from Capetown's Black Ginger and the latest strangely silly Pete Fowler characters for Kia from Passion Pictures. Then things get dark as PSYOP chases us to the gates of Hell for Dodge (on the cover), Glassworks plays a dangerous game in Knife City and The Mill tempts us into a spider's silky lair for Audi.

The lights come back up for act two where Digital Kitchen break out sweet and smooth new work for Coke and the Sundance Film Festival, Foreign Office gets freaky for MTV Load and we round up a new crew of broadcast designers you may not of heard of but need to know: Racecar from Oslo, Feedmee and Fiftyeight 3D from Germany, Topform Studio from Sofia, Bulgaria and 3DVision from Milan.

London's Model Robot keep the momentum going as they show off their any-media chops with two recent and completely divergent works before we float gently into thoughtful-yet-trippy territory with personal work from Tronic and a spectacular quasi-abstract short from Japanese director/animator Katsuhiko Omori. Placed strategically throughout the last act of Stash 18 you will also find a selection of visually inventive music videos from NY's Loyalkaspar, Helsinki's Las Palmas Films, Auckland's Heat Creative and London's Bitstate.

After this mind-spanking collection we thought we'd balance the issue with a little normality. Thus we close with “Beasty”, a film from Bermuda Shorts director Susi Wilkinson that tells the tale a little yellow bear who likes to line dance and an AWOL brain who likes marmalade.

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