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Strap yourself in. Stash 17 is a whiplash-inducing ride through an incredibly diverse collection of projects. 29 more international examples of passionate people breaking rules and trampling visual barriers in the animation, VFX and motion design world. And as a special BONUS Stash 17 also includes 10 killer (and license-free) music tracks from LA's re-mix master DJ Morgan Page.

We start Stash 17 off slow and dreamy with the balletic CG piece for Honda from Lost in Space and Zeitguised then divert all power to the main thrusters for The Mill NY's frenetic new “Kung Fu Clowns” spot for Bell South. A cast of comic CG characters – polar bears for Coke from Passion Pictures, a wily turkey for Thornton's from the Mill in London and the new 3D Geico Gecko from Framestore NY – keep the momentum going before we slow down again for epic VFX pieces from Mass Market for Siemens and from Digital Domain for the Motorola Pebl phone.

Then the curves come fast and furious in a completely unpredictable stretch of broadcast work; from big and mainstream like the Olympics spot from NBC and Ring of Fire and the anime-inspired Spike TV promos from Curious Pictures to quirky, surreal, twisted and just damn strange pieces from Doma/Friends With You, PostPanic, HunterGatherer, Oddworld Inhabitants and Barcelona-based Zinestesia.

Testing the brakes momentarily, we cruise through Logan 's languid work for Benjamin Moore and the minimal new U-ziq video from Germany . We gear up again for the home stretch – a steep obstacle course of fabulous new work; Trunk lose their head for MTV Load, Trollback + Company swing it for Nike golf, Sway and Joe Kosinski race through CG utopia for Mezzo, Bill Plympton flies United, Caviar and Grid roll on for the African AIDS problem and we blast across the finish line with Blur Studios and two huge new Aeon Flux game cinematics starring the CG version of Charlize Theron.

Okay, you can breathe again.

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