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The animation, VFX and motion graphics world is boiling over. New styles, new talent and new masterpieces are bubbling out of studios all over the planet and Stash 14 is your guide to the buffet. And then, as a bonus desert course, you get five brilliant short films from the 2005 Nextoons Animation Festival.

Stash 14 opens with two brilliant VFX spots; both Hummer "Monster" from Method and Tooheys "War of the Appliances" from Animal Logic are sure to be prominent during the 2006 awards season. Laughs are also on the menu this issue with two gamer-bashing TVCs for G4 from Buck, the Sci Fi "Geek Boy" serial movie opens from Onedotzero Industries, the brilliant Toyota "Bunnies" from Filmtecknarna and an MTV ID from the ever-peculiar Han Hoogerbrugge. Other broadcast design highlights include our anaglyphic 3D cover project from INTERspectacular for Comedy Central (complete with 3D glasses) and the epic "Rome" opening from A52.

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