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Stash 07 features the best animation and VFX commercials from the 2005 Superbowl broadcast and the Oscars, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find “Esuvee” from Framestore CFC and “Gene” from The Moving Picture Company – two creatively and technically superlative spots that will soon be winning awards across the industry. You’ll also find the best new broadcast design from Blind, Plus et Plus, EyeballNYC and Nth Degree as well as brilliantly twisted work from Tronic, Hello Freaks and Onesize.

Stash 07 also introduces a beefed up and easier to use Behind the Scenes section on the DVD. The BTS for Stash 07 includes insightful segments from Framestore CFC, Method, Aardman, Pure, Flickerlab and a near-genius stop-motion pitch from Brand New School featuring slabs of talking meat with facial hair.

Delivering the planet’s most innovative commercials, broadcast design, music videos, virals, game cinematics, branded content, short films plus insightful behind the scenes extras, Stash DVD magazine is the essential resource for ad agency creatives and producers, broadcasters, animators, designers, VFX artists, editors and students.

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Included with the DVD is the 40 page STASH MAGAZINE, which has cool information about all of the clips in the DVD.


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