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Strap yourself in for a mesmerizing, light-speed voyage to the far frontiers of human imagination with this breathtaking computer generated flight of fancy. Powered by a soaring original score from KERRY LIVGREN, founder and former guitarist of the legendary rock group Kansas, this mind-bending volume offers the ultimate in state-of-the-art computer imagery from the world's leading digital visionaries including talent that worked on Babe, Johnny Mnemonic, Batman Forever, Stargate, and James And The Giant Peach. Take a journey...into a cyber-active realm of sights and sounds beyond anything you've ever imagined!

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What you'll find inside:
  1. Oceanic Celebration
  2. Unstoppable
  3. Out Of Step
  4. The Empowering
  5. One Dark World
  6. The Traveler
  1. Volatile Planet
  2. Liquidity
  3. Intelligent Life
  4. Utopian Dream
  5. Aspen Moon




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