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This second volume of MindCandy explores the world of creative real-time animated music videos created to run on the Amiga computer platform. The DVD covers fifteen years of demo evolution with thirty of the best Amiga demos created. All the demos were captured or rendered using original Amiga hardware.

Special features include:
  • Audio commentary: Each demo has an audio track discussing the demo, from either the original demo creators, other fans and experts, or ourselves.
  • Subtitles: By popular demand from our non-native-English-speaking friends, the commentary is now accompanied by subtitles, in no fewer than three languages: English, French, and German.
  • Original and 5.1 channel soundtracks: All demos feature both the original stereo soundtrack, captured straight from Amiga hardware, and a surround sound track, rebuilt from the audio samples contained within the demo music files.
  • 12-page full color booklet: Once again the package contains a large booklet, with info on every demo, along with a timeline of Amiga demos, credits, and various other tidbits of information.
  • Production notes: Volume 2's production notes go beyond the first, with a full audio track, photos, and in-progress screenshots and animations. No enthusiast (read: geek ;) ) stone is left unturned, as we share just how much a pain reviving old hardware can be.
  • New playback modes: For fun, we've added two new playback modes - shuffle, which plays demos back randomly - every time you put in the disc - and jukebox, which allows you to play up to a dozen demos in the order you want. We used a few tricks to get them working on all DVD players, but isn't that what demo coding is all about?
  • Animated menus: In addition to the "multi-demo" select screens, now the main menus get some new animation. Prepare for the unexpected!


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