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Cross vast lands and seas on a fantastic journey. Travel through hidden worlds of natural splendor with a heightened sense of perspective. Move through millions of years in seconds while drifting on a sense of dreams. Wrap your mood in color, rhythm and motion.

Lumia Nights "Out of the Blue", the second in the series of Star Chronicles animated videos, created as an artistic expression reflecting science, music and motion art. All of the animations are visual expressions of feelings influenced by music and life experiences. "Out of the Blue" consists of 3D re-creations of tropical forests, caves, Mayan ruins, botanical life, Egyptian civilization, hieroglyphics and many real world phenomenons. Imaginative animation blended with nature photography, video and dynamic motion. Vivid colors are used to push the DVD format, your equipment and your cortex to the maximum. Authentic Egyptian and Mayan hieroglyphics have been translated into messages of peace and prosperity.


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