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There are lessons to learn, songs to sing and new friends to laugh with in LITTLE BYTES, a very special computer-animated collection of short stories and songs. Kids will love to sing along with the hip Hammer Time and Quazar Rap:parents will appreciate the messages in Bunkie & Booboo, Sharing and buddies, and everyone will laugh at the hilarious antics of the Fat Cat on a Diet. Plus, There's two wonderful Luxo Jr. films from Pixar, the creators fo the huge hit Toy Story. The stunning imagery and unforgettable characters will make LITTLE BYTES a fixture in your family's entertainment collection for years to come!

What you'll find inside:
  1. Fat Cat on a Diet
  2. Balls & Blocks
  3. Robo Jr.
  4. Hammer Time
  5. The Wishing Dream
  6. Alley Oops!
  7. Luxo Jr. In Light & Heavy
  8. The Crooked Man
  9. Music Lessons
  10. Matryoshka
  11. Sharing
  1. Franz, Klammer
  2. Reboot
  3. Bob The Frog in Blurp
  4. Herds
  5. Buddies
  6. Zzzoe
  7. Luxo Jr. in "Surprise"
  8. Slam
  9. Sweet Extreme
  10. Quazar Rap
  11. Bunkie & Booboo
  12. DVD Bonus: Why Does The Wind Blow




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