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Experience the ultimate digital artistry from around the world as Computer Animation Journeys presents a stunning collection of cutting edge short stories. This body of work showcases 12 ultra-entertaining films, inlcuding the hilarious antics of "Melvin: The Red-Headed Stepchild", the harrowing adventure of "Marvin and the Martian", the suspense of "Pump Action", the very humorous anecdote within "Fruits of Labor" and the cosmic contemplation of "Horses on Mars". And these are just the beginning of the spectacular array of computer animated gems awaiting you inside! What you'll find inside:
  1. Fruits of Labor
  2. Pump Action
  3. Duke 2000: Pumped Up
  4. Melvin: The Red-Headed Stepchild
  5. Hello Dolly!
  6. Duke 2000: Stirred, Not Shaken
  7. Marvin and the Martian
  8. Mime in a Box
  9. Duke 2000: Jukin' Duke
  10. Crocotires: Traction AAA
  11. Cat Ciao
  12. Horses on Mars


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