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"In the very distant future, an unstoppable alien power has genetically altered the entire population of a planet to serve as an ideal labor force. From 'birth,' the labor is taught to believe that their sole and noble reason for existence is the complete infrastructure buildup for supreme beings who will be arriving in due time. Their reward, release to eternal heaven upon the arrival of these gods. Despite careful selective breeding and genetic manipulation, some among the laborers begin to secretly suspect the stories they are fed to be false. Amidst this oppressive and absolute control, one laborer manages to break into a face vault to steal a particular identity key. This individual's only chance to unlock and reveal the truth hinges upon a daring escape against the seemingly insurmountable forces of the controller."

f8 is a science fiction film produced by Jason Wen. f8 was completed over the course of 3 1/2 years, and is truly a tour-de-force of computer-animation technique. Using a combination of Lightwave 3D animation software with the Project: Messiah plug-in for rendering, Photoshop and Nuendo, the film was composited in After Effects and edited in Adobe Premiere. Jason crafted this hauntingly beautiful film with the writing assistance of his brother Howard Wen, the art concepts of Andrew Jones, and the music of Casey Hess and Don Relyea.

f8 screened at the 2001 SIGGRAPH computer animation conference, where it won a Jury Award, as well as the Hollywood Film Festival, Prix Arts Electronica (Austria) and many other festivals. It received a Gold Award at the 2001 Japanese Digital Animation Festival.



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