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Animation Entertainment proudly presents an all new collection of short films from award winning computer animation artists and visionaries from around the world. COMPUTER ANIMATION EXTRAVAGANZA follows the hilarious antics of the "Fat Cat On A Diet" from Pacific Data Images, the creative geniuses behind the hit feature film "Antz". View the stunning visuals and intriguing story of "Tightrope" from Digital Domain, the academy award winning studio behind the blockbuster movie "Titanic". Journey along with Bev Flemmer, average housewife, as she battles pirates, thieves and bandits in the bawdy adventures of "Ronin Romance Classics". You'll also be mesmerized by the breathtaking reality of the sublime "Un Temps Pour Elle". Plus many more amusing and enlightening tales that truly test the bounds of computer animated artistry.

What you'll find inside:
  1. Tightrope
  2. Ronin Romance Classics
  3. Fiat Lux
  4. Pings
  5. Teaspoon
  6. My Lucky Day
  7. Un Temps Pour Elle
  8. Migrations
  9. Fat Cat on a Diet
  1. Ombre Portee
  2. Hollow
  3. La Stele
  4. Tribu
  5. Apples and Oranges
  6. Playground Zero
  7. Butterflies in the Rain
  8. DVD Bonus: The Smell of Horror




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