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Computer Animation Experience is a hilarious and mind-bending collection of the world’s best computer animation short films.

Immerse yourself in this journey of adventure, visual splendor, and wild humor that will entertain people of all ages. In this spectacular compilation of computer animation shorts, you’ll enjoy the hair-raising Devil’s Mine Ride, the artistic rhythms of Primordial Dance, and the hilarious conclusion of Gas Planet and the beautiful imagery contained within Todd Rundgren’s music video Theology. Computer Animation Experience captures the imagination and tickles the funny bone of everyone!

Ink Magazine describes Computer Animation Experience as “the best computer animation ever beheld by man… Some (segments) appeal to your sense of humor, some are strictly aesthetically pleasing, and some will appeal to that bit of wanton angst running amok in your head!”

Computer Animation Experience is the long awaited DVD release of our video titled Computer Animation Festival Vol. 2. The content is nearly the same, but we decided to re-name the video. So, if you've been wanting Computer Animation Festival Vol. 2 on DVD, it's finally available!

What you'll find inside:
  1. Devil's Mine Ride
  2. Liquid Selves
  3. Gas Planet
  4. On The Run
  5. The Goldfish
  6. Theology
  7. Flora
  8. Night Cafe
  9. Slide Show
  10. Don Quichotte
  11. Mandel Zoom
  1. Computer Home
  2. The Frog
  3. Primordial Dance
  4. The Making of the Opening of Without Borders
  5. Monkey Business
  6. Styro 2
  7. Fire Beast
  8. The Spider
  9. A Sequence from The Evolution of Form
  10. Thechnological Threat




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VHS(Titled: Computer Animation Festival Vol. 2)

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