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DUKE 2000
Whatever it takes

"I want to be the ferret in the pants of government." This stirring declaration launched the historic campaign of former Ambassador Duke, maverick Reform Party candidate for the presidency of the United States. E-campaigning from his headquarters at the E-Z Rest Motor Lodge in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Duke set out to prove that an average citizen, with nothing more than a laptop, a few spam speeches, and a sack full of soft money, could make political history. His insurgent effort may yet win a place in the books for an otherwise unremarkable political struggle.

This outrageous and hilarious DVD captures the buzz and the glory of D2K -- unfettered access to over 90 minutes of the innovative 3-D animation that put the outspoken candidate live on "Larry King", "Today", and dozens of other shows. In over 30 short films, including "Healer-In-Chief", "Stirred, Not Shaken", "Forgotten White Guy", and "Poodles", Duke manages to confound conventional wisdom on a dazzling array of topics. Visit his richly-textured website, recreated here complete with his full FBI file, position papers, photos, weblog, Oppo reports, and the "Me & Roger" radio interviews which ran on NPR during the final months of the campaign. From frontline wordplay to backroom gunplay, from breakout public policies to colorful public breakdowns, Duke made electoral politics fun again.


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