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With almost two dozen titles from a Who's Who of today's hottest computer graphics visionaries, COMPUTER ANIMATION SHOWCASE unleashes an astonishing collection of cutting edge, international award-winning cyberart!

What you'll find inside:
  1. Luxo Jr. in "Light & Heavy"
  2. Walking Around
  3. Joe & Basket "Mostly Sports"
  4. Dreamaker
  5. Dutch Nelson, Galaxy Guy
  6. Bluebird Penguin
  7. Prelude to Eden
  8. Tosio
  9. Operating Manual for Spaceship Uterus
  10. Fan-tasy
  11. Displaced Dice
  1. Amphibian Blues
  2. Stomach Pump
  3. JuJu Shampoo
  4. Matador
  5. A Time for Love
  6. Tiny
  7. Tinkle Terror
  8. The Green Man
  9. Puff
  10. Beyond the Walls




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