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From award-winning animation artists on four continents comes COMPUTER ANIMATION MARVELS, a spectacular collection of computer-animated short films from today’s top CGI artists and storytellers. Watch the multi-award-winning film Bingo, a reality-bending take on an identity crisis. In Pets you’ll be surprised to hear the innermost secrets of our furry friends. Study the hilarious scientific principles involved in The Physics of Cartoons, and enjoy 14 other funny and thought-provoking films from the world’s top computer animators. COMPUTER ANIMATION MARVELS is a blending of high-tech and high art you won’t want to miss. Presented by Animation Entertainment, creators of the internationally acclaimed Mind’s Eye series of computer animation videos.

What you'll find inside:
  1. Pets
  2. The Persecution
  3. Vache Folle
  4. Carved Journey
  5. The Hungry One
  6. The Physics of Cartoons-Part 1
  7. H20
  8. Bowtie Blues
  9. CPU
  1. Last Call
  2. rockpaperscissors
  3. A Narrow Martian of Error
  4. Love and Rockets
  5. Fly Hard
  6. The Sitter
  7. Bingo
  8. Jataka- DVD bonus film




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