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The 23 sensational shorts that make up the collection on "Computer Animation Celebration" are examples of the most advanced computer animation ever dreamed up by man or machine. Drop into a den of unusually picky pirates, visit a DNA lab where the experiments take on a life of their own and stop by the rustic Red Ridge Hotel for a series of comically unforgettable "open mike" nights. Plus much more ... !

What you'll find inside:
  1. Opening Title Animation
  2. Ahoy The Movie
  3. Chocolate
  4. One Stormy Night With Fred Floaty
  5. Hammer Time
  6. Open Mike Night - Jack and Jill
  7. Luxo Jr. in "Up & Down"
  8. Rofly Fly Hard
  9. Dream State
  10. Open Mike Night - Work To Do
  11. ADN
  12. Lava Jr.
  1. Flux
  2. F8 (not the same as f8)
  3. Jack
  4. Open Mike Night - You Dig My Stuff
  5. Ziride
  6. Solitary Journey
  7. Styro The Ride
  8. Open Mike Night - King Francis
  9. Dust City
  10. Gabola The Great
  11. Squeezils
  12. DVD Bonus:Guten Appetit




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