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Enjoy the music from the Animusic 1 DVD. This audio CD contains all seven pieces from the DVD, plus three additional tracks. The music was re-mixed and re-mastered for optimal CD sound. In particular, each piece has a fixed stereo image, rather than parts dynamically panning to correlate with the visuals.

All music produced by Animusic founder Wayne Lytle.

Audio Samples:

Future Retro (2.4 Mb)
Pipe Dream (1.2 Mb)
The Harvester (1.3 Mb)

Track listing
1. Future Retro  
2. Stick Figures  
3. Aqua Harp  
4. Drum Machine  
5. Seventh Alloy *bonus track*
6. Pipe Dream  
7.  Acoustic Curves  
8. A Slight Delay *bonus track*
9. The Harvester *bonus track*
10. Harmonic Voltage  

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