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The Animusic DVD has been re-released as a "Special Edition" which now includes many new features and content, including several additional films. Animusic draws you into its reality like no place you have ever been. You'll encounter new dimensions of sight and sound as you experience seven unique visual concerts within this "video album". From the robotic laser-precision of Future Retro and the rapid-fire ball bearings of Pipe Dream to the serene acoustic beauty of Aqua Harp, each animation is an intricate melding of music and visuals. Using custom developed, cutting-edge software technology, director Wayne Lytle invents self-playing graphical instruments, perfectly synchronized to the digitally created soundtrack. Glimpse into the future of music entertainment!

Viewer Quotes:
"I've never seen anything like it. Animusic is cutting edge and amazing!" --Steve Young, CNN

"AMAZING . . . I love Animusic's work so much. . . ." --Jon Anderson, Yes

“Absolutely brilliant! Very well done. A masterpiece of music and animation. This is a ‘must see’”

  • Seven Unique Music Animations
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Mix (also includes Stereo Mix)
  • Fully Animated Musical Menus
  • Animusic's First Animation "Beyond the Walls" (1996)
  • Animusic-2 "Sneak Peak" in Widescreen
  • New Version of "Pipe Dream" in Widescreen,
  • Director's Comentary
  • Behind-the-Scenes Set Construction Shorts
  • Over 300 Production Stills, Screen Shots, and Sketches
  • Solo Cam Angles (angle button switches between instruments)



DVDNo Region Encoding (viewable anywhere)

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