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Computer Animation Adventure is a stunning showcase of the world’s best computer animation short films.

Humorous tales of adventure, romantic dramas and outrageous shorts entertain people of all ages. Each film is shown in its entirety as originally produced by each animator. Enjoy the cute family antics of Tuber’s Two Step, the pure artistry of Embryo, the hilarious amorous take of Jumpin’ Jacques Splash and Todd Rundgren's phenomenal music video "Change Myself."

Intensely creative computer animation awaits you in this spectacular display of imagination and technology!

Computer Animation Adventure is the long awaited DVD release of our video titled Computer Animation Festival Vol. 1. The content is nearly the same, but we decided to re-name the video. So, if you've been wanting Computer Animation Festival Vol. 1 on DVD, it's finally available!

What you'll find inside:
  1. Locomotion
  2. Particle Dreams
  3. The Mouse
  4. Tuber's Two Step
  5. Flying Logos
  6. Sextone For President
  7. Grinning Evil Death
  8. Jumpin' Jacques Splash
  9. Burning Love
  10. Styro
  1. BDA Opening Title
  2. The Dolphin
  3. Mars The Movie
  4. More Bells And Whistles
  5. Continuum 1. Initiation
  6. Don't Touch Me
  7. The Fly
  8. Embryo
  9. The Invisible Man In Blind Love
  10. Change Myself



DVD(Titled: "Computer Animation Adventure")
- No Region Encoding (viewable anywhere)

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VHS(Titled: Computer Animation Festival Vol. 1)

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

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