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The members of the Visual Effects Society (VES) make their living creating the stunning visual effects we see on the big and small screen. Though they gain recognition and satisfaction contributing to the mesmerizing effects for movies, TV and games, they're all too frequently bringing someone else's vision to life. VESAGE showcases the art that the VES members create when they're not at work on visual effects. It offers a unique insight into the personal creativity of the people behind some of the most-recognized imagery in the world.

VESAGE was first conceived as an opportunity for VES members to see the creative endeavours of their fellow members. With the help of the VES Education Committee, key VES members and an Advisory Board, Ballistic Publishing is proud to showcase the work of these highly talented individuals. VESAGE contains over 116 pages of artwork submitted by VES members in the mediums of photography, illustration, painting and sculpture. A tribute to the great matte painter Albert Whitlock is featured written by Bill Taylor along with thoughts from Dan Curry on VESAGE and a gallery of his personal artwork.

VESAGE editions
VESAGE is the definitive art book celebrating the creative talents of the members of the Visual Effects Society and is available in two high quality editions: hardcover and Limited Edition. The hardcover edition is printed to the high standards that Ballistic Publishing has set for all of its art books, including a glossy colour cover and protective dust jacket. The Limited Edition meets the same high standards with a black leather-bound cover with gold-embossing and a Certificate of Authenticity.

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176 pages, 220 x 297mm
Hard Cover
ISBN: 1-921002-07-7

Why focus on the personal work of VES members? The vast majority of VES members are talented artists in their own right. It's the personal art of VES members that VESAGE celebrates. The world is familiar with their outstanding professional work, but their professional work is so often conceived, directed, and tailored to someone else's requirements and is often executed by a whole team of people. VESAGE gives you an insight into the art that members create when they're free to explore their own imaginations.

About the VES
The Visual Effects Society is an organization comprised of visual effects professionals who desire to honor, advance and promote visual effects for its membership and the industry as a whole. The goals of the Visual Effects Society are to promote continuous public and business awareness about the visual effects industry; to support combined technology research and development; to design and implement educational programs for talent development and public understanding; to establish an awards program to acknowledge creativity from the various skilled disciplines which are utilized in the creation of visual effects; and, to address any other issues deemed important by its membership and Board of Directors. More information is available from the Visit the VES website>

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