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Experience a completely new collection of the world’s most beautiful digital characters. EXOTIQUE 2 is the second volume of the best computer generated characters in the known universe. With 18% more artwork than the original, EXOTIQUE 2 features 269 artworks by 168 artists from 38 countries. Printed to the high standards that Ballistic Publishing is renowned for, you’ll be astonished by the original character art in EXOTIQUE 2. Be inspired!

More Original Character Art

EXOTIQUE 2 features 269 artworks by 168 artists from 38 countries. That’s 41 more artworks and 55 more artists than the original EXOTIQUE book. New artworks created in both 2D digital illustration software and 3D packages will dazzle your senses, showcasing the talents of top digital artists today. EXOTIQUE 2 highlights original artworks from digital masters such as Linda Bergkvist, Anry Nemo, Henning Ludvigsen, Marta Dahlig, Olivier Ponsonnet and Soa Lee. Also, a host of brand new, never-before-seen works emerge from newly discovered artists rising in the global digital arts community.

Ballistic Publishing is renowned for its extraordinarily high quality publications. Each published image is hand tweaked and color-corrected to ensure that the transfer from the computer monitor to print is accurate and pristine in quality.

Publication Details

  • Book Title: EXOTIQUE 2
             Soft Cover ISBN: 1-921002-34-4
  • Pages: 192
  • Dimensions: 220x297mm
  • Authors: Multiple
  • Editors: Daniel Wade, Paul Hellard
  • Publishers: Mark Snoswell, Leonard Teo
  • Availability: Early December 2006
  • Images: 269
  • Artists: 168, from 38 countries

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