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d'artiste: Digital Painting

Welcome to the first book of the Digital Artists Master Class series

d'artiste: Digital Painting showcases the work and technical skills of: Linda Bergkvist, John Wallin, Philip Straub and Robert Chang.

Each Master Artist presents their digital painting techniques through a series of tutorials which start with the original concept and step through the painting process to completion. d'artiste: Digital Painting is broken into four sections based around each Master Artist.

Artists' sections include a personal gallery, the artist's work and thoughts in their own words, a 20-page tutorial section, and an invited artist gallery featuring over 20 digital paintings from some of the most talented digital artists in the world.

d'artiste series

The d'artiste imprint (pronounced dah-tee-st) means both "of the artist" and "digital artist". Each d'artiste title will feature techniques and approaches of a small group of Master Artists.

However, the focus of d'artiste books will not be limited to just techniques and technical tricks. In
addition, we also showcase galleries of their own work and other artists' paintings that inspire them.

In combination with artist interviews this mix of content gives the reader a comprehensive and personal insight into the Master Artists - their approaches, their techniques, their influences and their works.

About Linda Bergkvist
Linda was born in and still lives in the same city in Sweden - Umeå. Her main interests have always been art and language. When she was a kid, Linda did little but draw pictures and tell other kids long, intricate stories about creatures she had come up with. Sometimes, she pretended these beasts were real and spoke of the 'monsters' with such enthusiasm and emotion that a lot of the kids actually believed her.

She used to go hunting for a witch in the woods. When she grew older, she wasn't very sure of herself when it came to her artwork so instead of choosing an art career, she chose language (this after having studied at an art related education between the age of sixteen and nineteen).

For some years, Linda studied English and Swedish and had every intention of becoming a teacher, while on the side, she still doodled and painted. Quite suddenly, she was offered a job by a local computer company and took it - abandoning her education to start working with graphics instead. That's what Linda has been doing ever since.

"I miss language studies, however, and maybe I'll go back to that some day. But right now, I'm loving what I do. It's a challenging job and I meet wonderful people all the time. I work partly as a comic book colourist, partly at the university where I teach Photoshop classes, and partly as a freelancer. All of these things, I enjoy immensely. I have a few personal projects on the side - still painting pictures for a book I very much would like to publish one day."


About Robert Chang
Rob was born in Taiwan, and immigrated to the U.S. when he was 11. He grew up with Japanese animation/manga, sci-fi/fantasy books & illustrations, comics, films..etc, but also had a passion for music, fashion, literature, photography etc.

His professional path started in art with comics/freelance illustration at age 18 (1991), and continued into the video game industry in 1998, and that's when he first got into digital art. Rob was doing textures and concept art for various games, then moved onto art directing. He then left the game industry in 2001 for a sabbatical to work on his own projects.

Throughout his creative career, Rob was never satisfied doing just art; he also did music, writing, film, photography, fashion design..etc on the side. He's now in the middle of production on his personal project - a 3D animated short film titled "Promise." It's a modern fairytale about love, faith, and sacrifice. I'm the creator/writer/director/artist on this project, and there are some volunteers helping me out on it." The estimated completion time is around the middle of 2005.


About Philip Straub
Philip's luminous and meticulously detailed digital and traditional oil paintings have classical influences but are purely based on the fantastic. Many images are derived from the ever present surreal worlds that play out in his mind like lucid dreams throughout the day. His visions are inhabited by unique characters and filled with imaginative architecture and lush vegetation that seems to come to life, bursting with vibrant colors and dramatic lighting.

Philip focuses on invoking an emotional response from his images through composition, color, light and subject matter. Although a conceptual illustrator at heart, his ability to successfully execute a variety of styles has allowed him to work with an array of clients producing imagery ranging from the dark and fantastic to the playful and charming.

Philip's use of traditional media with 3D and 2D software to create his illustrations, has garnered him international acclaim among a variety of artistic circles. He has been a featured artist numerous times in several publications including; The Society of Illustrators NY and Los Angeles Annuals, Spectrum Fantasy Annuals, Expose' digital fine art book, and on dozens of digital art websites and forums.


About John Wallin
John Wallin Liberto is one of the most talented CG artists, known in CG industry. A flight amateur from Stockholm known on international CG communities as Capt. Flush Garden with invaluable style and color sense. In only a few years of his career he became one of the most priced digital artists in the industry. He's famous for work on productions such as the Shania Twain music where he did video concepts.



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