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Thematic Music-Driven DVDs

This assortment of stunning DVDs showcase an essential variety of cutting-edge animation combined with original music, providing mind-bending eye candy and multi-sensory entertainment.
Compilations of entertaining short stories

This group of DVDs presents hilarious short stories, providing a great source of entertainment while also making available some of the greatest computer animation from around the world.
Videos specially made for kids

These videos and DVDs showcase wonderful short stories which are made especially for kids, though they are equally entertaining for adults!

STASH Series

STASH delivers the planet's most innovative and outstanding commercial animation, VFX and motion graphics, plus insightful behind-the-scenes extras in a monthly DVD magazine.

Soundtrack CDs

You've seen the video...now get the soundtrack! We are your official supplier of the music behind our award-winning DVDs!
Digital Art Books

Featuring the very best books in the field of digital art, visual effects, computer graphics, as well as titles about technique, philosophy, and the digital artists who make it happen!
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Stash Sixpacks

Did you miss out on the first year of Stash Magazine? Then pick up the Stash Sixpacks, which each have six DVDs with over 170 commercials, virals, music videos, and short films!

Sixpack 1 (Stash 01-06)

Sixpack 2 (Stash 07-12)

Sixpack 3 (Stash 13-18)

Sixpack 4 (Stash 19-24)

Sixpack 5 (Stash 25-30)

Sixpack 6 (Stash 31-36)

Sixpack 7 (Stash 37-42)

Sixpack 8 (Stash 43-48)

Sixpack 9 (Stash 49-54)



Animusic HD

Painstakingly re-reworked and pristinely encoded for Blu-ray! Nine main tracks and bonus material including interview segments, trailers for DVDs, and stage construction shorts! 1080i for main tracks!

Regular price: $39.99
AnimationTrip Price: $24.99

Beyond the Mind's Eye

Beyond the Mind's Eye is a classic visual-music presentation, with original music scored by Grammy award winning composer Jan Hammer. This brand-new, unopened, Limited Edition DVD comes in a special rare "collectors" box package. We are the only place n the world to buy this DVD!

Regular price: $59.99
AnimationTrip price: $49.99

Gate to the Mind's Eye - Gold Series

Get this classic, best-selling "out of print" DVD today! This is the last place in the world you will find the original, shrink-wrapped Gold Series version of "The Gate"! The Gate to the Mind's Eye is the third computer animated odyssey in the "Mind's Eye" series.

Regular price: $49.99
AnimationTrip price: $39.99



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